Massage by Om


Omkaya is a treatment encompassing one or more kinds of massage and healing technique. Developed by Om, himself a professional therapist and musician the classic massage technique involves nuances from Thai massage, Ayurvedic Indian massage, Lomi Nomi, Shiatsu to name a few.

The keynotes relay around the senses of SOUND, BREATH, RHYTHM, SILENCE, TOUCH. Rhythmic hand motion manipulates and directs the body ‘s flow of energy - ‘BIOFIELD’ to an activated state. It invokes feelings of empathy, care and kindness. This helps to repair the physical body, stimulate metabolism, relieve stress, calm the nervous system, improve posture, promote deep easy breathing, soften and relax skin and awaken the subtle body.

Derived from combination of two words ‘OM’ the eternal sound and ‘KAYA’ the physical being in which lies the atma (soul).

When the eternal sound resonates within the body it has natural potential to self heal. With his warm energy and healing touch, Om offers to bring you in a fully relaxed, tranquil and joyous state.


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